Highspeed Impact Cutting is a wellproven unique production method since decades for the production of pins, slugs and billets from bar or wire.
The method has several cost reducing advantages e.g.


Material saving - no material loss between cut pieces.
Very clean and square cut surfaces - less problems in the following operations.
Very little or no burrs at all - less need for subsequent machining.

High length-accuracy - less problems in the following operations.
Long tool-life - low tooling costs per cut.
No need for shearing-oils - less environmental problems.

The need: By production of large quantities of cut pins of metallic materials, from wire or bar, there is a need for an automatic equipment that can produce these of the required quality and quantity at the lowest cost.

The method: Traditional methods of cutting or shearing give heavy deformed pieces with cracks, burrs, angular variations, length variations etc. Other methods will give loss of material, hardening effects, environmental problems, high costs etc.

Highspeed Cutting by Impact Technology is the method that avoids those problems and disadvantages.

Thanks to a special technology, higher qualities are achieved at the shearzones regarding freedom of burr, angular accuracy and freedom from cracks.

This is achieved without heating of the material, without material losses, without shearing-oils, thanks to the utilization of a phenomenon of material called adiabatic softening. Especially for traditionally "difficult" materials this method will often be the only working one.

As a further gain the method is also highly productive, thanks to the short cycle times.

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